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    Many thanks to the customer who told me about this review posted on the internet. It has made me question the validity of reviews you read about products, hotels etc.


    REPLY to Bex from Nigel Bradshaw, Director, Compass Apparel Ltd.

    YES – we all remember you and your colleague very well indeed. Probably the most strange, frustrating and unpleasant experience we have had with a customer in 20 years. To anybody who does not believe me – just re-read her post.

    Let us tell the truth. It was anything but straightforward.

    You and your colleague arrived with a decorated garment from your previous supplier – which you and your colleague rubbished as not being to the specification you had ordered. (Really – there are always two sides to any story!!)

    Your colleague left and said he would be back in an hour.

    GARMENT: You stated that you must have the exact shade of blue as the garment you had brought in. We explained several times that it was from a high street shop, dyed to a specific shade and not available to ourselves. To show you what was available my colleague showed you samples of every shade of blue we had in stock, every catalogue from every manufacturer and every swatch card. After around 45 minutes of going round in circles where everything we showed you was wrong we suggested that you find the garments you required and we would do the decoration.

    DESIGN: This type of design is normally straightforward – basically font choices, layout and colours. To say you claimed to be in art and design with access to an Adobe Creative Suite your knowledge appears to be lacking; anybody in art and design industries usually arrives with professional and approved artwork. After 30 minutes showing you all the range of fonts and some potential layouts you rejected everything. I then suggested that you should create exactly what you require in your Adobe Suite and email the design.

    Then your colleague turned up. Initially you had a heated discussion with your colleague, in front of us and customers, where you were blaming us for lack of progress.

    Your colleague then became rude, offensive and confrontational with us. He demanded access to my computer so he could do the design. Taking into account his attitude and lack of knowledge this was politely refused. After another torrent of abuse from the colleague you both thankfully left.

    Accumulative time: at least 3 hours of our time.
    Garments required: 2

    Ancient Computer? – You never saw the computer, only the monitor!! Look up the cost of a Dell Precision, Wilcom E3 Embroidery software, Corel Suite, Adobe Suite.
    Timescale: When necessary we always try to fit orders in quickly, but not drop everything and do it for me instantly!
    Planks: I spent the first 20 plus years in Technical and Quality Management in the Clothing and Textile Industries. This knowledge was an exceptionally good foundation for running Compass Apparel for the last 20 years.


    Welcome to Compass Apparel’s new website.

    It is still under development – and there are certainly some faults and omissions which are gradually being corrected.

    If you have any queries or problems please contact me.

    Nigel Bradshaw

    01332 341888


    We are pleased to announce we shall be stocking selected PULSAR RAIL workwear.